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Round Up: SRNC World Finals Belgium 2022

Much to the delight of its members, AIEC was thrilled to finally return to student riding normality
following the Coronavirus pandemic with a complete SRNC calendar for 2022, culminating in the
highly anticipated World Finals which took place in Bilzen, Belgium at the end of December. The
organising committee for this competition was proudly lead by the AIEC Board itself, along with the
help of numerous other veteran student riders, who eagerly took up positions to coordinate the
logistics of the event from their various worldwide locations – a truly international operation!

For the first time in student riding history, the competition was live-streamed via Twitch TV with
world renowned British commentator Spencer Sturmey at the helm, and his second in command
Freddie Prichard doubling up as event photographer. All action from the competition can be
replayed here. Team Germany provided much of the daytime entertainment by leading renditions of
the traditional student riding anthems, ensuring that all the riders were thoroughly cheered on by
the supporting crowd. The team from Great Britain also deserve a special mention for all the
assistance they provided to the organisers throughout the event.

After topping the SRNC points standings going into World Finals, it came as no surprise to anyone
that Ireland won both the Show Jumping Cup and the President’s Cup owing to their victories in both
the team show jumping and team overall combined sections of the Gold League. Ireland are,
therefore, guaranteed a spot in this year’s Gold League. As usual, Germany put in stellar dressage
performances all year long, with wins in both SRNC Belgium and SRNC Ireland earlier in the year,
ensuring they took home the Dressage Cup.

In an unexpected turn of events, France and Switzerland were joint winners of the overall combined
team section of the Silver League, securing their places is this year’s Gold League. This now leaves
only three spots to be filled by our remaining nations – a tough challenge ahead!

An obvious choice for the award of AIEC “SRNC of the Year” was SRNC the Netherlands. A huge
congratulations to the organising committee and the rest of the Dutch student riders for putting on
such a colourful show at the fantastic venue of Hippisch Centrum Exloo. The AIEC “Newbie of the
Year” was presented to Ireland’s Michelle O’Driscoll and the AIEC “Pic of the Year” was awarded to
Ireland’s Shane Maher of Louise O’Brien Photography.

A final word of thanks must of course be given to the many fantastic sponsors of this competition,
whose very generous support was instrumental in the success of the event! Check them out via the links below…

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