Winners of the AIEC World Cups

The AIEC President’s Cup is awarded to the country with the best overall combined team rankings from all AIEC-SRNC events throughout the year.
The AIEC Dressage Cup and the AIEC Show Jumping Cup are awarded to the best overall teams in the Dressage and Show Jumping disciplines respectively throughout the year.

President’s Cup Dressage Cup Show Jumping Cup
2023 Germany Germany Germany
2022 Ireland Ireland Germany
2019 Germany
2017 Great Britain Great Britain Austria & Great Britain
2016 Ireland Ireland Ireland
2015 Germany Ireland Spain
2014 Great Britain Great Britain Ireland
2013 Ireland Germany Ireland
2012 The Netherlands The Netherlands Germany
2011 Germany Germany Ireland
2010 Ireland Germany Belgium
2009 Ireland Great Britain Ireland
2008 Germany Germany Great Britain
2007 Germany Germany Ireland
2006 Germany Germany Germany
2005 Germany Germany Germany
2004 Great Britain Great Britain Great Britain
2003 Germany Germany Germany
2002 The United States of America Germany The United States of America
2001 Switzerland Great Britain The United States of America
2000 Germany Luxembourg Germany
1999 The Netherlands The Netherlands Austria
1998 Great Britain Germany The United States of America
1997 Great Britain Great Britain Great Britain
1996 Switzerland Germany Italy
1995 Germany Germany Germany
1994 Germany & The Netherlands
1993 Germany
1992 Germany
1991 Austria
1990 Germany
1989 Sweden
1988 The Netherlands
1987 Germany
1986 Sweden
1985 Germany