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International student riding is a different and fun way for university students to compete, meet new people, and gain new and exciting experiences all over the world. Student riding draws members from all 5 continents and there are approximately 15 active member countries that attend AIEC competitions each year. The format of student riding competitions is different to that of an ordinary competition since riders compete on unfamiliar horses. Moreover, they only compete against riders drawn on the same horse. They are team competitions, comprising both dressage and show jumping disciplines, each team consisting of 3 riders.

AIEC Officials

The Technical Delegates (TDs), in conjunction with the Assistant Technical Delegates (ATDs), are the official AIEC supervisor at a student riding competition, and are responsible for the application of the AIEC General & Technical Regulations. They ensure the smooth running of the competition by offering advice to the Organising Committee (OC) and problem solving when necessary. Each member country has one National Responsible (NRs) who is responsible for the communication between their country and the AIEC Board. They select and register teams for each competition and ensure that all members of their team (riders and supporters) are updated with all relevant information.

Typical Competition

In most cases, the competition starts on a Thursday with the arrival of teams. The first night kicks off with a Welcome Party once the riders and supporters have all arrived. The Friday consists of the first and second rounds of dressage. In the first round, the entire team enters the arena together to ride a synchronised program. The riders are judged both individually and as a team. A Theme Party takes place on the Friday night. The Saturday consists of the first and second rounds of show jumping. The first round is judged on style and the second round on style and faults. A Black Tie Gala Dinner takes place on the Saturday night, and at some point during this three course meal, the semi-finalists are announced. The Sunday consists of the semi-finals and finals of both dressage and show jumping. The individual and team winners of each discipline are announced during the Prize Giving Ceremony. Each participating rider is required to attend the prize giving for recognition of their participation in the competition, regardless of their results. Many riders and supporters choose to stay beyond the official end of the competition for the Extra Night, and depart on the Monday morning.

Different Types of Competitions

SRNC Student Riding Nations Cup
CHIU Concours Hippique Internationale Universitaire
International University Equestrian Competition
CHU Concours Hippique Universitaire
National University Equestrian Competition
WUEC World University Equestrian Championship
DHM Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaft
German National University Equestrian Championship