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Event information

EventAIEC-SRNC Switzerland (Roggwil) 2024
Date2024-08-22 00 GMT till 2024-08-25 00 GMT

St. Urbanstrasse 39
4914 Roggwil


St. Urbanstrasse 34
4914 Roggwil

O.C. Contacts

President & Treasurer → Official Contact
Sara Nordmann
0041792115496 /

Show office
Lea Fischbacher & Anita Schmid

Christina Moers

Chantal Ryser & Anika Ruppen

Megan Grossmann

Carsten Jaeschke

Jessica de Araujo

AIEC Contacts

Director of Competitions
Joel Tompkins
+49 163 166 3938

Technical Delegate
To be determined

Nr of teams12
Nr of supporters

100 maximum

Cost details and payment info

Payment can be done by either Bank Transfer or via PayPal.
All teams must pay the AIEC SRNC Team Fee + the Basic Staying Costs directly to the Organising Committee.

RIDERS: A complete team of 3 riders must pay a total of EUR 750.- (3x EUR 170.- + AIEC SRNC Team Fee EUR 90.- + 3x EUR 50.- Deposit)

Individual or additional riders must pay a total of EUR 250.- (1x EUR 170.- + 1/3 AIEC SRNC Team Fee + EUR 50.- Deposit)

SUPPORTERS: must pay a total of EUR 200.- (1x EUR 150.- + EUR 50.- Deposit)

DEPOSITS: EUR 50.- per person. Should be paid in advance. The OC endeavors to return desposits approx. 4 weeks after the competition.

MATTRESS: EUR 10.- per supporter (if required). Provided for riders free of charge. Payable in advance.

PAYMENT DEADLINE: Friday 19th July 2024
Payment deadline is applicable to both riders AND supporters. NRs please note: all payments must be made in one bulk transaction from a single account, to include all relevant costs.

Payment by Bank Transfer
Account Holder:
Account Number (IBAN):
Bank Code (BIC/SWIFT):
Bank Address:

Payment via PayPal
For non-Euro currencies only!
RIDERS: EUR 777.- (full team of 3 riders, Team Fee and deposit included).
Individual or additional riders: EUR 260.- includes deposit
SUPPORTERS: EUR 208.- includes deposit

PayPal Account: Sara Nordmann,

Please contact the corresponding National Responsible of your country to register. You can find a list of their contact information here.

If you desire to register an Oldie team, please contact the DOC directly with a complete team of 3 riders.

National Responsibles please note: Registration is only possible after the payment of your country’s membership fee for 2024.

Travel details

Closest Airport
Basel-Mulhouse airport (BSL, EAP, MLH)
Zürich airport (ZRH)

Closest Railway Station
Roggwil Buchägerten


Riders registration
  • Start: 24 June 19:00 GMT
  • End: 5 July 23:00 GMT
  • Confirmation before: 12 July 23:00 GMT
  • Registrations are not started yet . Servertime: 2024-04-19 10:21:48 GMT
Supporters registration
  • Start: 24 June 19:00 GMT
  • End: 5 July 23:00 GMT
  • Confirmation before: 12 July 23:00 GMT
  • Registrations are not started yet . Servertime: 2024-04-19 10:21:48 GMT

Mattresses will be provided for all riders free of charge. Please inform the OC if supporters wish to purchase a mattress – cost 10 EUR, to be paid in conjunction with the rider/supporter fee PRIOR to arrival.. Everyone should bring their own bedding: blankets and pillows etc.

Thursday 21st August 2024: Arrivals + Dinner + Chef d'Equipe meeting + Welcome Party
Friday 22nd August 2024 Breakfast + Round 1 DR + Lunch + Round 2 DR + Cultural Activity + Theme Party
Saturday 23rd August 2024: Breakfast + Round 1 SJ + Lunch + Round 2 SJ + Gala Dinner
Sunday 24th August 2024: Breakfast + Rounds 3&4 SJ + Lunch + Rounds 3&4 DR + Prize Giving Ceremony +/- Departures

Dressage Protocols
Round 1: AIEC DR 1.01 Team
Round 2: AIEC DR 2.01
Round 3: AIEC DR 3.01
Round 4: TBA (depending on horses)

Please wait.. Official team entries are beeing updated shortly.