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World Finals Qualification 2023

Est vous prêt? Prêt pour l’édition française des finales mondiales… Because we are ready!

In just under three months’ time, student riders from around the world will descend upon the Centre Equestre d’Ysssingeaux in France for the Student Riding Nations Cup World Finals 2023. A competition originally due to take place in Normandy 2020, which means we are excited to finally be able to cheer allez les bleus.

Ireland, winners of the Gold League 2022, along with France and Switzerland, joint winners of the Silver League 2022, have all gained automatic qualification for this year’s Gold League. The teams filling the remaining three places in the Gold League will be Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.

The countries making up the Silver League will be Belgium, Sweden, The United States of America, Austria, Poland, and a sixth official non-member team yet to be determined.

The points allocation for World Finals 2023, irrespective of automatic qualification, is as follows:

Gold League                                                                Silver League

Germany = 310                                                          Belgium = 158

Great Britain = 298                                                  Sweden = 156

Ireland = 260                                                               United States of America = 147

The Netherlands = 201                                         Austria = 140

France = 187                                                                  Poland = 38

Switzerland = 175                                                                    

With the points already very tight at the top of the leader board between Germany and Great Britain, it’s going to be a very close call as to who will be crowned the winner of the President’s Cup for 2023!

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