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World Finals Belgium 2018

This year’s AIEC World Finals took place in beautiful Leuven, Belgium. Distributed over
three days, fifteen teams competed in the Silver and Gold League.

In the Silver League, Sweden clearly dominated by taking home gold in all three categories: Combined, Showjumping and Dressage.
In the Gold League it was team Germany taking home gold in the combined ranking, based on a very good third place in Showjumping
and an even better second place in Dressage. The prize for this year’s Dressage Cup was handed over to the hosting country, Belgium,
whereas the Showjumping Cup was won by Team Spain, just in front of team Ireland. One can beat the Irish after all, as it seems.

In addition to all the prestigious sport trophies, the picture of the year got chosen. The winner Alexandra Jevring encapsulated AIEC
beautifully in her photograph from SRNC Sweden during the summer – see for yourself:

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