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While the shock over today’s tragic events still hasn’t worn off we have together with the Belgian OC decided to go through with the SRNC in Belgium this weekend. We’ve seen several nice attempts in helping out with travels and we believe that together we can still make this nice weekend happen.
We understand and respect that some people might not feel comfortable in traveling the upcoming days. We as AIEC do not want to make any decissions for anyone and have therefore decided that if countries want to retrieve their riders or supporters they are free to do so. Everyone has to do whatever they feel most comfortable with. Full registration fees can not be promised at this point, since much of the money has already been invested in the event. We will however look into ways of compensating, maybe that the cost of the gala dinner can be paid back to people not attending.
Due to rescheduling of flights and difficulties with transportation in general we imagine that there for some people will be additional costs for transfer. As mentioned above some studentriders coming with cars are generously offering their assistance and as AIEC we will also help by arranging and sponsoring transfers to the SRNC from rerouted airplanes.
Because of this we would like to know ASAP how your country and riders feel about coming to the SRNC and if they want to come, what the new traveling details are (as soon as they are known of course). After we have received the response we will decide if the srnc will become a little bit smaller (12 teams) and/or if we have to inform additional riders that they can ride if they want to.
We do not want to influence any decision, merely want to help in making it have as little impact as possible.
AIEC board

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