Rules and Regulations

Here you will find all the information you will ever need to know about AIEC, the organisation, and the competitions.

Document Description Format Uploaded
AIEC Statutes Written laws of the World University Equestrian Federation .pdf 06.03.2023
AIEC SRNC General & Technical Regulations Rules and regulations governing the running of SRNCs .pdf 31.07.2011
AIEC World Finals Rules Special rules concerning World Finals .pdf 08.03.2023
AIEC SRNC Protest Form Complete when lodging a protest during an SRNC .pdf 12.12.2023
AIEC Rules of Registration Explanation of the SRNC registration process .pdf 09.06.2023
AIEC Code of Conduct Standards and behaviour expected of Student Riders .pdf 20.03.2023
AIEC Incident Report Form Complete in the case of an incident .pdf 08.03.2023
AIEC OC Guide Must read bible for an Organising Committee .pdf 08.03.2016
AIEC SRNC Application Form Complete and submit before organising an SRNC .pdf 07.03.2023
AIEC Budget Template Budget template for Organising Committees .xlsx 04.04.2016
AIEC NR Guide Guidelines for National Responsibles .pdf 09.03.2023
AIEC TD Guide Guidelines for Technical Delegates & Assistant Technical Delegates .pdf 24.04.2023
AIEC TD Application Form Complete and submit before applying to become an AIEC TD .pdf 01.11.2023
AIEC Board Member Application Form Complete and submit before applying to become an AIEC Board Member .pdf 16.12.2023
Aquilo Computer software for Student Riding Competitions exp. 31.12.2023 07.07.2023
AIEC Dressage Protocol Calculator Cheat sheet to speed up dressage calculations .xlxs 17.12.2023