Our goal is to make student riding available

and affordable for student riders all over the world

The purpose of AIEC is to support, to develop and to coordinate the international university equestrian sports, to develop and improve the cooperation and understanding between the national associations of university equestrian sports, the international understanding, and to make known the idea of university equestrian sports and to help gain the necessary recognition on regional, national and international levels.

AIEC is based on the principles of equality and recognition of each other between the member associations with no consideration for race, colour or political opinion. The members agree that their riders will compete without prejudice against all riders of other members in all competitions to which they are sent.

“One World, One Sport, Many Friends”

Founded in 1984 in Saumur, France, AIEC quickly became a world-wide association regrouping members from all 5 continents. Since its registration as a non-profit association in 1988, thousands of international student riders have enjoyed the unique experiences from many AIEC-organized student riding competitions throughout the world, and many friendships have been growing from it ever since.